- Why The Name? -

Our mission is to simplify online shopping.

We select 28 seasonal items to form each month's collection.
Each item is only available for 28 days; starting at Midnight on the 1st of the month. Once the 28 days are up, all of the items are removed from the store, ready for the next collection.

- Why Only 28 Items? -

Time is precious. We hate having to trawl through websites to find items we like, so thought we'd do the hard work, so all you have to do is browse a small collection.

- When Can I Buy From You? -

We're not like other online clothing shopping sites. You can only shop the current collection for 28 days from midnight on the 1st of each month. If you want to keep up with what's going on, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or sign up to the newsletter on our website, and be the first to see our product line up!

- How Does It Work? - 

Our business currently works on a dropshipping model. That means when you purchase something from the store, we then order that item from our suppliers, and they send it directly to you.

It's different from the normal process of buying items in bulk, and then dispatching orders, but this was the only way we could start the business.

As we grow, we plan to take more control of the manufacturing processes, and be able to produce our own clothing; with the eventual goal being to be to have a collection of 28 of our own items.

- How Long Does Delivery Take? - 

When you've placed your order with us, we process them as soon as possible. As they come direct from our suppliers to your door, they can take anywhere up to 25 days to arrive.

Deliveries for one order can also be from dispatched from different suppliers, so can arrive at different times.

We're trying to work with our suppliers to create a better experience for you, and thank you for being patient with us while we grow.

- How Much Is Shipping? - 

Shipping to the UK is free for every order.